Saturday, April 14, 2007


Good: I'm at home and it's daylight.

Bad: Raining, but still, daylight.

Good: I finally got to go pick up my new glasses that came in two weeks ago.

Bad: THEY ARE FREAKING UGLY!!!! They looked fine when I tried them on. But now that I own them, THEY ARE UGLY!!!

Good: Ummmm...... trying to think of another one here.

Bad: I'm also dizzy from wearing new ugly glasses

Good: (still thinking)

Bad: My contact lenses haven't come in yet. They were ordered on 3/15. It is 4/14. They just said, "They are on back order." One month. BACK ORDER!?!?!

Good: OK, Let's go with this: I now own two pairs of glasses, which I never have in my life. So I don't really NEED my contacts. OK. Yes, I do. I'm trying to justify here.

Bad: One of the pairs of glasses is ugly. Really really ugly.


When I bought these glasses and contacts on March 15, I spent more money than I ever have on eye wear. One month later, I own ugly glasses that make me dizzy. And no contact lenses.

Good: OK, it apparently makes for OK blog fodder.

But I want my contacts.

UPDATE: I just caught sight of myself in the mirror. I can't express enough HOW UGLY THESE ARE!!!!!


sarah said...

maybe a picture would help us understand?

neophyte said...

Pictures. We need pictures.

Jenni said...

pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Leetie said...

What are you waiting for??? ;)

KDF said...

sly, I hate my glasses. I can't even see The Optometrist's Big E, so even with the new super-polymer, thinner-than-ever lenses, my glasses are cartoony-thick. Contacts are necessary, even though they have rendered my eyeballs permanently bloodshot.

I feel your pain.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Here's another vote: pictures!

Jackie did that once. Her answer was to get another expensive pair of glasses and not use the "ugly" ones.

Jerry said...

Your camera phone broken?

el said...

We're still waiting.....

rita said...

Yes, even though you're currently hospitalized and probably not even thinking about ugly glasses, we need a photo.

And about that hospital thing, I'm praying for you and hope you're back home and well in no time.