Sunday, January 21, 2007


I spent the afternoon with some good friends, one of whom works for a certain large communications company. I won't say the company's name, but will say that apparently it has been going through some sort of identity crisis. It keeps changing its name. On the other hand, the frequent name changes could be attempts to avoid creditors, or maybe its ducking alimony payments to former spouses.

Anyway, one of its subsidiaries went through its own name change this weekend. This was an event so huge that Stephen Colbert had to explain it for us.


El said...

This is the best I've liked Colbert since he left The Daily Show. :)

Lisa said...


Jenni said...

Come on, Mom! Wasn't our crazy "meet the new HRHP Meghan's boyfriend" weekend blog-worthy?!?!?

LabSpecimen said...

He's brilliant!

All of the companies mentioned were clients of mine at some point or another.

Meanwhile, another company that I'll call "to run or go at top speed especially for a short distance" is having money troubles.

Jerry said...

Gallop is sucking wind? I'm selling mine.